Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce?

Pets are an important part of our family so if you’re getting a divorce, there is little doubt that you want to know what will happen to Fido after operation. The truth is, pets are considered property in the state of Tennessee. They are handled in the same manner as a car or other items that you will divide during the divorce. How can you ensure the best outcome when you want the pets in a divorce?

Paperwork is Essential

If your pet is AKC registered their paperwork will have the owner’s name listed. Veterinarian records will also list the pet’s name. If these items have your name on them when divorcing, you will have a better chance of being awarded the pets in the divorce.

Can You Share Your Pet?

Although the law looks at our pets as property, we know otherwise. Perhaps sharing custody is something that would work for your family. If you’re still civil with your spouse and trust them to return the pet, why not give the pet the best of both worlds, since that’s what he’s become accustomed to?

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Hire a Lawyer

It is extremely beneficial to hire a family law attorney kingsport tn when the marriage comes to an end and it’s time to divorce and divide property. A lawyer can help you gather the documents needed to prove ownership and otherwise get your pets!

More than 70 million families have pets that they love just as well as any member of the family. If your household is among them and the marriage is coming to an end, it is essential to start planning what you will do with the pets now. Remember that you care deeply for the pets and should work out a plan that benefits them.