Should You Take Your Case to Trial or Accept a Plea Deal?

If you are offered a plea deal in a criminal case, it is important to know that you can accept the plea in lieu of going to trial should you choose to go that route. However, you may prefer to take the matter to trial rather than accept the plea or it could be the exact opposite and you do not want anything less than the best in your matter. How do you decide if you should take a plea deal or if your case is better off going to trial? It is important to talk to your lawyer to better decide.

A plea bargain is an agreement made by the prosecution team and the defendant. In the agreement, you’ll plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a reduced sentence and/or time served. This reduces the amount of time you’ll spend in court and frees up the time judges need to devote to these types of cases.  If you take a plea, there is less worry about the conviction but you do wave your rights to a trial. You know exactly what is going to happen in the outcome of your case.

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Most people accept a plea bargain when they go to court, but this is not beneficial for every case, including your personal case. Sometimes you need the help that a skillful trial attorney vancouver wa offers to take the matter to the next level to get the best verdict in the case. If you want a jury of your peers to decide your guilt or innocence, when the evidence in the case is not strong, and when the criminal complaint is very serious, you should probably take the matter to trial.