A Look at the Most Common Juvenile Crimes

Juveniles commit crimes just like adults. Fortunately, most juveniles commit far different crimes than adults. Most juvenile crimes are misdemeanor crimes and although most courts look to rehabilitate juveniles who are found to be involved in criminal activity, there can be some pretty harsh consequences handed down to a teen.

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Common Juvenile Crimes

Some of the most commonly committed types of juvenile crimes include:

·    Shoplifting/Theft

·    Simple Assault

·    Vandalism

·    Property damage

·    Underage drinking

·    Joyriding

Obviously this is not a complete list of the crimes that juveniles commit and they’re certainly capable of committing much worse crimes than what’s listed here. However, it is these cases that send more juveniles to court than others.

Consequences for Crime

The punishment handed down to a juvenile varies from one case to the next. The judge will look at many factors to decide the best punishment for the child, including their prior criminal history, if there is a history, the type of crime, the likelihood of rehabilitation, and the seriousness of the crime.

Juveniles found guilty of committing a crime can be charged as an adult if it is a serious crime. This can land them in jail or in prison. Most juveniles are not charged as adults for their crimes, but nonetheless may be sentenced to the State of Virginia Department of Youth Services or a juvenile detention facility.

Lawyers Know Best

It is a good idea to speak to a juvenile criminal defense hampton va lawyer if your child has been charged with a crime. Not every crime needs the services provided by a lawyer, but many do and it’s better to go to court prepared than not. Your child sometimes need legal defense just like an adult. Ensure they get proper representation when it’s needed.